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Bugs No More Exterminating is a full service Pest Control and Termite Control Company serving Lancaster, York, and Berks, PA .  The Pest Control and Termite control professionals. We Treat many types of pest control problems which is our specialty. Serving residential and commercial customers. Providing information to our customers about their pest problem is part of the job we enjoy. If there are improvements a customer can make to their home or business that will better prevent future pest infestations we try to make or offer suggestions during the treatment. We offer Quality work at fair prices which is very important at Bugs No More Exterminating. Our customers deserve the best work we can do.  

In Lancaster County, PA we service the following towns and more. Lancaster, Millersville, Willow Street, Conestoga, Quarryville, Strasburg, Columbia, Marietta, Maytown, Manheim, Mt Joy, Elizabethtown, East Petersburg, Landisville, Lititz, Akron, Ephrata, Denver, Leola, New Holland, New Providence, Paradise, and surrounding areas.

In York County, PA we service the following towns and more. York, Hallam, East Prospect, Wrightsville, Craley, and surrounding areas.

In Berks County, PA we service the following towns and more. Reading, Robesonia, Mohnton, Morgantown, and surrounding area

Over 30 years of experience in Pest and Termite Control!

Free quotes on most pest control and Termite Control treatments! 

Quality work at fair prices.

Having problems with Stink bugs and other outside invaders? Why not give us a call today! Preventive maintenance programs are available. We offer power sprays for those hard to control problems! Click on the link to the right under “Recent Posts” and read about us in the Lancaster Newspaper.

We treat many types of pest control problems including Bed bugs!

The following is a list of some pests we can provide treatment for. Ants, Bedbugs, Bees, Box Elder bugs, Carpenter ants, Centipede’s, Cicada Killers, Earwigs, Fleas, Hornets, Millipede’s, Mice, Rats, Roaches, Silverfish, Stored Product Pests, Stink bugs, Spiders, Termites, Ticks, Wasps, Yellow Jackets, and many other pests.

New Pest Control & Termite Control customers a can receive a discount. If your a first time customer and want a pest control program you can start saving today. Just click on the coupon below and start saving on Pest control and termite control service. The coupon offers new customer’s that need an on going preventative maintenance program a discount to get started. The Bugs No More exterminating ad appeared in the greater Lancaster coupon clipper magazine. Note: Excludes other discount offers.

Lancaster and York PA Pest Services Control Coupon

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We have a professional Pest control program available to treat and monitor Bed bugs. See below for more information.

Got Bedbugs? Why not let us us help get control of your Bed bug problem? Bedbugs have become a real fast growing pest problem in our society today! The best way to get rid of Bed bugs is with professional help! Some People think they can treat for Bed bugs by just setting off foggers which actually is a waste of time and money because it will not work. We get phone calls every week about bedbug control from customers who have lots of questions and want pest control treatment for them. Using current techniques and products for bedbug control is our company standard. First we like to do a good inspection for Bed bugs then followed by treatment and monitors to detect bedbugs. After the initial treatment we recommend doing follow up because of the possibility of eggs hatching. We will often times give advice to customers about several ways they too can use to help us eliminate there Bed bug problem. With over 30 years experience in pest control we’re able to offer our customers the service they deserve. Bugs No More Exterminating is a leading professional Pest Control Company to call for all your bedbug control and other pest control needs. Be sure to ask us about foggers and why they will not work to treat Bed bugs when you call!

Bed bug monitors! Here’s a link to a Youtube video to watch about FMC Varifi Bed bug monitors.

An instruction or preparation sheet is available to our customer’s who need us to treat for Bedbugs.

New this year! We have use of Bed Bug detection dogs at Bugs No More Exterminating for inspections. Another new addition we have for control is the use of heat treatments. More information and photos coming soon.

Pest activity this month is Ants, Bedbugs, Bees, and Fleas: In the summer time insect activity really picks up and becomes active because of the warm and sometimes humid weather. Ants have been a big problem this year for most home owners. Our maintenance program is big help at controlling and eliminating ants and other unwanted pests. We often use an Ant gel that the Ants can take back to their nest area. Another pest is Bees such as Yellow Jackets and Wasps increase in activity as the warmer months approach. A growing pest problem is Bed bugs during the summer and fall months because an increase in travel. If you have ever gone on vacation and come home to a house full of fleas then you know how bad that can be! We have a pest control program for flea control and have over thirty years experience treating them. A pest control program with Bugs No More Ext is the best way to start a preventative maintenance program.

Ants. We treat many different types of ant problems and have over thirty years experience. Be sure to check out the article tab for more great information about our ant treatments.

Stink Bugs are out in full force and infest homes by the dozens! We provide treatment to the interior and exterior for stink bugs. Most of the time though a heavy outside treatment needs to be done. We have been getting control of Stink bugs for a number of years now. Our customers are usually very surprised at how well we’re able to get control of their stink bug problem. For more information about Stink bug control please check out the recent posts to the left.

Roaches can be a very tough pest control problem for customers to deal with! We’re one of the areas best pest control companies for roach control. At Bugs no More Exterminating we use a good liquid treatment along with a top grade Roach gel to gain control. The roaches will take the gel bait back to their nest. Most people first try to set off foggers and only end up only making things a lot worse. So why not give us a call?

Subterranean Termites are the cause of a lot of wood damage!  These little wood destroying insects are a major concern for many homes and businesses. At Bugs No More Exterminating we use the best techniques and products to get control and eliminate Termites. This problem can be very over welling for people when they first learn that they have Termites. The first step is to confirm that there is an infestation and then explain to the customer what is going in more detail.  The picture below shows the difference between a Termite and Fly Ant.

Conventional Termite treatments.

Advance Termite Baiting system.

Termite monitoring programs!

Free quotes on Termite control treatments! For more details call Bugs No More Exterminating Company the Pest Control professionals. Be sure to ask us about Termidor Dry for treating Termites!

Termite vs. Flying Ant Comparison

We use Termidor Dry along with conventional Termite treatments when ever possible to treat Termite problems. Ask us for more information on this great product!

Below is a link to a good Youtube video about Termidor Dry.


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Have a question? Please give us a call. We’re always happy to try to answer any questions customers might have about pest control service.

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Quality work at fair prices!

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